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San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New Accent Pieces Available this Summer

Don't leave your heart in San Francisco...
keep a piece of San Francisco in your heart! 

Now you can always keep a piece of San Francisco with you! Available in either a silver or gold heart-shaped locket with a matching 18" chain. Our pendant contains a small piece of the original Golden Gate Bridge, which comes from a section of the historic handrail material as we are crafting our larger furniture designs.

Desk or Table Top Accent Pieces

Also available this summer are our new accent pieces for your desk, table top, or bookshelf. Available in a variety of sizes, our small accent pieces can function as paperweights, bookends, or simple visual interest. Available with either an original patina finish or given a fresh coat of International Orange, each piece comes from a section of original Golden Gate Bridge handrail as we are crafting our larger furniture designs. 

Sizes vary, may contain mild weathering, number stamps, or letter stamps.

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