Golden Gate Bridge Furniture Co.

Limited Edition Artisan Furniture Crafted from Repurposed Steel off

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

Cocktail Table 44 of 100

Limited Production Run of 100


Cocktail Table_Front_WB

Cocktail Table_Top Angle_WB

Cocktail Table_End_WB

Approximate Measurements:

37" x 18" Footprint
40" x 20" Table Top
17" Height
150 lbs Weight (Base and Glass Top)

Distinguishing Characteristics:
BSC stamp inside back-side channel below left picket
Number 0 4 5 stamp on back-side left picket
BSC stamp inside back-side channel below right picket
Number 0 6 stamp on front-side left picket
BSC stamp inside front-side channel below center-left picket

Additional Photography:

Cocktail Table_ Catalog Lifestyle Image

Cocktail Table_Catalog Lifestyle Image

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