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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Upcoming 2024 Spring Open Studios on April 27-28

2024 Shipyard Open Studios

You are invited to visit our Islais Creek Workshop for this spring's 2024 Shipyard Open Studios.  As part of the larger Hunters Point Shipyard Artists event, our workshop at Islais Creek Studios will be open to the public for Shipyard Open Studios on April 27-28. One of only two times a year that our studio is open to the public, this is a special opportunity to meet Rick in his workshop and see how he crafts his designs from original sections of the Golden Gate Bridge handrail. Islais Creek Studios is a satellite location to the larger Hunters Point Shipyard Studios location, so be sure to follow the signs out from the Shipyard to our location on Islais Creek. 

If you are unable to join us for Shipyard Open Studios, a visit to our workshop is always available by Appointment and a visit to our Online Store is available anytime.

Islais Creek Studios - Studio 403

One Rankin Street @ Custer Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94124

If you have questions or wish to visit:


Bridge to Handrail to Headboard