Golden Gate Bridge Furniture Co.

Limited Edition Artisan Furniture Crafted from Repurposed Steel off

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

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American Scientist


Altering an Icon – By Henry Petroski - San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge has undergone several retrofits for increased stability and safety—sometimes with unintended consequences.

Hello Alice


Why an Emotional Connection Can Be the Best Sales Tactic: Rick Bulan, the founder of Golden Gate Design and Furniture, creates products so recognizable that they almost sell themselves.

HelloAlice 2021-1/21 Article

For decades, Rick Bulan of Golden Gate Furniture Co. has fashioned furniture, jewelry, and other objects out of discarded metal from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. But he knows that customers are looking for more than a beautiful product: “I’m selling the emotional tie to San Francisco. It's memories and feelings and all of that. That's kind of what it represents." Follow the link to read more about Bulan’s unusual path to small business success!

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